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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

would be proud, would be loud

lauded, applauded, by his private audience
a tango with two feet admired in the mirror.

failed again. i scratched the itch when i was trying so hard.

wasn't hard enough, obviously. Who was operating the Creation Machine when i was being made, anyways? Hello?!? It says "Nothing to excess" in the manual. You gave me too much itchiness. Good job.


if i was a conspiracy theorist, i would say that this condition is manufactured by someone. My nephew has it. I think that sucks hardcore. He's a freakin baby, and his face looks like mine when i take no care of myself whatsoever. But he's a baby. Thats not cool. I mean, i don't think me being older makes it any better. Yeah. Suffering sucks no matter how old you are. Heh, i'm supposed to know better, but i scratch it anyways. I am an infant.

been practicing telekinesis. have made small progress, though i have nothing near a useful level yet. But hey, thats what i practice. Its like doing pushups.

Tommorow I...

nope, not saying that again.



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