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Monday, January 03, 2005

friends = cool^max

----> This note added after this post was written: As a purporter of self-responsibility, we all know i only ask for help when i feel i need it. Many of you may feel overburdened already because i haven't had a vehicle in a month or so. Well, that changes this week. Just thought i'd let you know. I love you all, and i owe many of you. Thanks again!

ahhhh, i love life!


now to decide what to do with this 20$ gift card to EB!!! Do i put it towards, say, tales of symphonia, or get something already cheap like the new castlevania game? Oh no!


Friends win! New friends cool too!

I thought up a new funny shirt for me n nick's shirt shop. Its the Hulk, in a purple dress, holding up the front of it yelling "HULK FLASH!!!"

Avast! Avast!


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