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Saturday, January 15, 2005


well, livejournal is down, and as i didn't write yesterday, I think ill write today.

I got my captains of crush grippers in, they are quite awesome. You wouldn't beleive how hard the easy ones are! anywho...

when i called work this morning to let them know that I hadn't gotten a hold of my probation officer and that meant that I couldn't goto the meaning, they said to get on the road anyway. no thanks! id rather not risk jail for a job! moron, i swear, dave is a pompous moron. oh well.

im still rather sleepy right now, but em woke me up so i could get my laundry out of her car. That was kewl! LOL, and then she made me some tea of thestuff i got from Mrs. Mangos. So delicious!!! I gotta get my moms scone recipe so that I can make her some, i asked mum to mail it to me. She probably forgot.

well, i think ill play some RE4, goto publix, then lowes, and then to work. peace!


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