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Friday, December 10, 2004

versus modus operandi

a triad under manned; absurd!
there are two; where is the third?
A hero i see, or so he believes
a villain i see, hopelessly bleeds;
but who is not here?
the third facet, i fear
has gone missing; gone,
night to noon, less dawn.
Jump! Fly! Search the winds,
and find the lost hymns
turn over, turn naught
the battle is fought,
and cry you to sleep
ye who make no peep
thar be dragons 'round
and pirates abound!
so keep your head down
at least you'll just drown.

~le moi

sounded right to me when i was writing it. (righting it? assuming a muse-based inspiration needs to be righted.)

the only problem with this work schedule is my internal clock is on owl time. and i won't go outside and excersize, nor will i play guitar or violin bc everyone else is sleeping deeply.

so i shall join them.


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