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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

a tribute

this is a short story i wrote for a friend, for no reason other than that it was fun, and i liked it so much i thought id put it here. I find it ironically funny that i wrote in a kurt vonnegut-esque fashion, at least, as his sci-fi writing counterpart in his books would write a story.

The Planet of Statues

On a distant planet, in the MudPuddle system, there was a large population of Clay people, and their planet was dotted with magnificent statues. At night, clay-people parents would tuck in their clay-children and tell stories of how the Legendary Statues were really ancient people that were born with such magnificent greatness, and this greatness would become a fire, and harden their soft, malleable bodies into statues that would last until the End of Time! And these clay-children would grow up, and tell their children the same story, and on and on the stories were passed down through the generations. But then some clay-scientists found a way to generate this Great Fire artificically, and the first thing they did was made molds of the Legendary Statues of old. Now common, everyday people, could become copies of the Legends from long ago! At first the molds were crude, but very quickly they became perfect, and everyone on the planet quickly lined up to change themselves into their favorite hero. Soon clay-parents were telling their clay-children of how they could grow up to be any Legend they wanted! Many ages passed, and no new statues were made, the hordes of clay-people constantly clamoring to be made into copies of the once Legendary Statues. But the originals were now lost among the sea of artificial doppelgangers, and the awe and beauty they once held in their unique splendor was diluted to common acknowledgement. To not be a copy was unheard of, and the control of the planet quickly fell from the hands of the Mold Makers into oblivion, as the last clay-person traded his infinite possibilities to become a final monument to this mockery of Choice and Creativity.

Hope you liked it!


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