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Thursday, December 02, 2004

secondhand grave

ugh, had a random nosebleed again yesterday, and what happens today? I wake up, cough, and poof, instant iron taste in my mouth. Blood tastes....gross. unappetizing. Don't know how those vampires do it.

anywho, made a cool new friend on myspace. not often one finds someone who likes the same books as me, and music, and plays videogames. Too bad shes slow on the reply, or we might actually get a conversation going. oh well. i also realize i have a warped sense of time sometimes, so it might actually not really have been much time at all!

heh, i just read this thingy on how you know you grew up in the 80's.....not one mention of Transformers. not a one! Thats what MY life revolved around as a kid, getting transformers, playing with them, watching the cartoon. well that and imagining and planning my adventure for later on in life. I was all about that as a kid, heck, i even started writing a story about it. had some lameass title called "the journey" until i realized there was too many things with that name already. i mean, come on, i was like 8 when i started writing it. The earliest i can remember thinking about adventures was when i was 5 (4ish?) kindergarten and then on. weeeeeeeeeeeeee! I digress a lot!

must go eat breakfast. fruity pebbles, here i come!


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