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Monday, December 27, 2004

roll with those changes in that fancy speedwagon

man, I had a wonderful christmas with my family. I cherished every moment!

I'm being watched, I think. The dude who bought my gift card to walmart online hasn't responded to my email, and I wonder if its because someone bought it just to make sure it's real. Makes no sense to me, the last time i sold them on ebay they were real. Just because i got them illegally doesn't mean i was trying to rip off some poor soul. oh well! that was along time ago, pre-house arrest. And the dude who "sold" me those 3 lbs of thermite i needed for that welding art project totally stiffed me my product. Lousy ass face. Oh well, that also made me think it wasn't real. Bah. Who cares? They may know some, but they don't know all. Or do they? Who cares! HAHAHA!

back to reality, I no longer give a poo about women. I'll always love having friends, but i give up on anything else entirely.

I had a nigh perfect one, and I fucked that shit up royally. Final Solution: release that part of my life. Girls like that are probably born once every hundred years or so. Knowing my luck, probably once every thousand. But thats ok, because I can take my licks. Its like falling off a balance beam. Once you break your damn arm, you real wary of going near it for a while. And im tougher n nails, and besides, im used to that emptyness there.

As for distractions, I enjoy some, but those are losing their....value as well. I like some, but I find myself actually participating in the things i thought id never get around to doing. Like excersizing, and playing violin.

as for meaningless drivel no one cares to read anymore, im still good at that.

Ninjas and gadgets, girls galore!
Welcome to the Peter Store!
With mondays on aisle three
no pricetags here, but nothings free!
From chocolate to basketball
and karate and shopping malls
hard learned lessons abound
and catchy tunes are found
with physics and wooden blocks
near used shoes and naked clocks
others stories' by the thousands!
and all types of different trousers,
famous voices, places, things
almost no jewelry though, even rings.
there is room for more, here for everything
it can hold the world, and bigger things

or whatever :)


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