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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Oi! (vey!!)

i don't think i posted this i guess i'll write about it now. I THOUGHT I did before, but we all know my memory! Like swiss cheese!

anywho, I msg'd a (at least i thought of her as a friend) ex-g of mine on her birthday and said "happy b-day". (this being the girlfriend i lied to, and because of reason's only i felt was right, dropped like a hot tamale and made it worse for, maybe ill post about that later on.) Anywho, her quick and short reply was "mother fucker like you give a shit".

Now, im not one to normally care about statements like this, but this was the last straw, in my opinion.

I am officially done with even communicating with ex-girlfriends. Except possibly megan, at least we still get along, even though I haven't seen her in a dog's age. I know i may seem like some twisted psychopath hellbent on torturing the world to tears, but In my eyes, I'm only trying to be nice. But i know when im not wanted, LOL, so theres no way i'll continue this anymore.

on top of that she IMd me telling me she still has my spiderman watch, which i gave to her ages ago so her mom could put the right size batteries in it for me. I had totally forgotten about it. Now i think ill just have her mail it to me, as im afraid if she sees me in person she might try to shoot me or something, and i have no health insurance for that kind of thing. Yelling i have no problem with. But i simply do not keep company of people who abhorrently hate me, and yell at me when im trying to be nice. Even if I AM the soul reason for it, if i've already forgiven myself for it, theres no need to put myself through anymore.

as for WHY i was that way.....I was horny and she wasn't around. DAMN i'm horrible! Oh well! she said she'd get over it one day, except she'll probably hate me for the rest of my life, which is what i was told would happen, and it DID happen, because i acted like every other guy. Which is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY unlike myself. weird, right? thats the last nail in that coffin.

maybe thats why i like deadpool so much. except for the killing of people. still dont like that part. if theres any super hero i can actually relate to, its him. I mean, i look up to Spiderman, but i can relate to deadpool. on so many levels.

some old biddy and some hot lookin 30ish woman came by the apartment this morning and invited me to come to church. I think ill go to Josh's church on christmas eve, but other than that, who knows? they said they had a college age group. That might be cool. who knows.

im done.



At December 16, 2004 at 6:43 PM, Blogger bluish said...

double oi!

i don't hate you. . .i was pissed that instead of giving me time to get over it on my own--you instead run on peter-time, which means you break a girls heart and the next day you're friends with them. that's kinda hard to get used to--and when you said happy birthday i just typed my initial reaction--instead of thinking that it was a nice thing to say.

yes it was rash, and yes it was mean--and you don't have to speak to me ever again--i meant it when i said i thought we could be friends (round about a year ago) if we ever broke up--and i'm not against it totally now--but you have to understand that to hear "happy birthday" or "have a great day" from someone that fucked you over more than she's ever been fucked over before seems a little condescending. things like that don't bother you so i soppose you wouldn't understand. . .but I can't just forget what was said and what happened immediately--and a month is immediately-------

that said:
the watch is yours--to keep it would be mean of me. as i have nothing else of value to you then that will probably be it between us; being as i can't completely forgive you, and you can't seem to understand why.



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