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Sunday, December 19, 2004

LL to comics, distractions galore!

why are there so many distractions? why do i succumb to them? They are not what i want to do, but they are what i end up doing. From scratching to videogames, to pure lazyness.

im ust learn to accept other routes besides the extreme measures i would prefer to tread. i have no access to the fantastic ways in which i would work out. so i must work out here, now.

my cock is a stupid distraction, and it has gotten me into trouble TWICE already. once when robbing a condo. the second with cheating on a perfect girlfriend.

Stupid penis.

i dont care if i DID just take a shower. i shouldn't have taken it in the first place. im going to work out now. im going to do pushups until my arms break. im going to do situps until i cant breathe. because the fucking law is between me and the way id choose to live my life. I want to join On the Edge gym. I want to join a gymnastics class. I want to work out, everyday. For hours on end. That is the way id choose to live my life. if i felt like arguing with cops everyday. Thatd be one workout by itself.


the dude on homegymnastics is calling himself wade wilson. heh.

i like deadpool.


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