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Friday, December 31, 2004

its a wicked world that we live in

its sick, and its cruel!

Every news site i can find online concerning the tsunami, from my point of view, have taken it (the news of it) in the wrong direction. Every site seems concerned about how EXPENSIVE and how this is the MOST COSTLIEST disaster to date. I about shit my pants. WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT MONEY?!?! Following that statement is more about how you can send money to help, about how others (governments, celebreties etc) are donating massive funds. WTF? Not a peep on how this money is helping, or who its going to, or who is using it. Not a word on how you can go there and lend your two hands in helping out. I'm sure 350m$ sounds like a lot, but if you only have a few thousand people helping out the millions that got wet, then that money doesn't do jack compared to swelling the ranks of the helping hands.

Whats worse is the way deaths are being portrayed as almost nonexistant, and secondary to the costliness of the damage! I mean, not only have news sources slowly trickled out the numbers, the only numbers they are using are what has been "officially" stated. Which means bodies found. So far its at like 125K people dead, and from just looking at the population of the coastal cities of the countries that have been hit, I seriously figure the total to be at close to half a million, probably more. But its like they've been trying to downplay this whole thing, then let it slowly build, then ask for your money. Which is like asking a nation of hungry people for food to aid a starving nation on the other side of the planet.


Look, if someone wants to fly me over there, I'd be the first person on board a plane to go help out with my two hands, because that's the best way I can help. I have no $$ to begin with, and i do not plan on sending away my breakfast so that some other suddenly houseless human can eat it. That would just be two mostly hungry people, instead of just one. What i mean is that I'm not going to spread myself so thin as to try and support myself here, and try and support a disaster zone. Thats like having someone walk up to me and say "Dude, someone shot myself in the foot! you should shoot your foot to, because itll help me!"

I am now going to go look up to see if it is possible for someone under incarceration to aid in a disaster effort. I doubt it. Don't want a thief to go and steal some half-drowned person's shorts! Oh no! Half naked wet people!


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