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Friday, December 03, 2004

hooray for filets!

so you see, i found this online genie. but he doesn't type too well, ya know, being a being from long ago and not too acquainted with modern day technology. So i got a sea bass, a large trout and a halibut. oh well.

so i was perusing old posts and read this one Here and i liked Nick's comment about my awesome! Speaking of which, I had another AGAIN this morning after i woke up. 3rd day in a row, i think. I remember my first night's dream, but not the last two. Bummer too, because i remember them being pretty cool.

watched a ridiculous brigitte nielsen movie called "Galaxis". Wanted to get Red Sonja, but ya know, 5$ vs 10$. Cheapness won out. weeeeeeeeeeeee!

head spinning sort of, kinda tired but not really, but i should sleep now so i dont sleep all day tommorow. But i want to read more of Entanglement!

Arrr matey! There aint no heaven fer sissies, and there aint no hell for heroes! Avast!


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