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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

cable & deadpool

nick and i, rofl, maybe.

i think we have these personal ideas of what superpowers would be like, so that either this comic would definitely grab our attention, or the other way around; we somehow influenced its story. But one thing is for certain. I totally love the story so far (ive only got the first 9 issues). and that means that i feel much like nick feels, that this dream of Cable's (in the comic) is much like my dream. a dream apparently a lot of people share.

but i find that when i try to share the parts that i actually really identify with, that it really isn't a common dream. All i have heard as of yet is that people want happiness. but they havent decided what that is, like they are struggling while they think about it. Most people i know of just think about money. others, sex. still more have a lust for power. but the way in which they describe how they would want their happiness, all of them thus far, describe it in a way that supports the current social structure, the current hardships n woes, the current fringes crushing the middle (as they describe it in yon book).

its much like a human body, as we have been taught in school. The cells do their job to keep the body alive, but eventually die and get replaced, and eventually (as ive been told) get weaker and weaker every time they come around. Instead of figuring out a way to keep the body alive without dying; ie by growing stronger.

which kind of leads me to a question that nick posed (sort of) before. Death is a part of Life, of course. So to stop Death would be to stop the Process, the ongoing change of Life, of this world, of "reality" so far. I wouldn't do it, jsut like i wouldn't force anything upon anyone, just give them options. I personally DON'T want to live forever. Ugh. I only want to live until i am done. At least, Here that is. I'll move on to the Next Step when im done here. And i only used that stuff in the last analogy because A) I feel that people only die when they choose to (regardless of whether they think someone else chooses it for them) B) to show how parts of a system that do not move to change said system, only keep it alive for that much longer.

sniff sniff, and my poker lesson tonight better stick with me. There is the Right, the Wrong, and the Question. And Faith, i guess, to match questions. No. There are 3 of Them. I'm not sure exactly what their names are, but I call them Creative, Nothingness, and Movement. I'd marry Movement in a heartbeat. Nothingness could also be called Destructive. There is the Face, the Smile and the Frown, and the movement inbetween them. There are a million names for them, (Forms as good ol plato would call em, cept not really), at least, thats how i feel so far.

mmm,i feel like crying n laughing n sleeping n dreaming all at the same time. God, I've never wanted to be with her more than before this moment (so far). Just to hold. to be held.

To see her face.

I find it kinda funny that i can sorta imagine what she looks like, i see the hair n the body and such generality of shape, but no real details. not yet. I look forward to being moved by emotion when i see her for the first time.


PS: anyone know who "whitetiger4474" is on AIM? this person thoughtfully sent me a message of "haha youve been dumped" earlier today. DUH!!! Jeeeeez, get with the program Mysterious Stranger! I did something horribly bad, what, you expected that NOT to happen? And where have you been, in a cave? That was like 2 months (1 1/2 months?) ago!!

i have a sneaking suspicion it is corinne's little sister, only because the name seems slightly familiar for some reason, and its written like something she would write, and i wonder if she would have known before now. oh well. if anyone knows, let me know, s'il vous plait. Nighty Night!


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