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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

and he vanished in a puff of logic


right about it again, tho whether she wins or they win or whatever. ___ wins again!

some might be concerned about a continuing un-attachment with the rest of the world, and even i am slightly saddened by it. I mean, a part of me would like to have a girlfriend, to goto college, and in 6 months move to california and work at a new and upcoming mecha company and make giant robots.

though there was a bit of sadness, there has been no regret. Well, admittedly some parts could have been a bit smoother, and ill remember that for the future. My path leads not in that direction. Alone, as i have gotten used to, but with a friend, and that takes a part of the loneliness away. In the parting i have wished that i could have that happiness that those around me have. But it is not for me.

They don't make you tough so that you can wander through a field of flowers. Nah, gotta use myself to my full potential. Its ok. I was very happy before, and those memories stay with me as i push on ahead, as i wade through deep waters. I have a LOT of work to do.

but i've started. and thats one of the biggest parts.


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