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Thursday, November 04, 2004


well, turned 21 today, and needless to say, i got completely hammered last nite! Whew. was careful to drink lots of water, so i have no aftereffects, cept for a tender tummy and im sleepy :)

only got 4 kisses so far, gotta get another 17! Nice to know the shirt still works (to those of you in the unknowingness, when i was 18 i made a shirt that said "kiss me im 18" on the front and "i <3 girls" on the back, cept its really a heart. I made one for this birthday, cept it said 21 on the front, and after the i heart girls part, i added "sit on my face!!" for the sheer silliness :)

anywho, today is chill day! Thanks to my buddies who came and hung out with me, especially my bro nick!, were gonna be telling stories about last nite for years!



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