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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

what pools these mortals pee

heh, so much controversy over evolution. A general term used to describe anything from how species change over time, to where they all came from.

such a worthless idea, and the cause of much worthless debate. There is no observational proof that a persons mind has anything to do with his physical body. Between the 5 senses you cannot sense another persons mind. Ideas, morality, things that are products of our minds, have no discernibly roots in genes or DNA.

Besides, what point is there in trying to figure out where we came from? How does that help? I have trouble seeing where this ties in with anything. Most people blow it out to such a large proportion that it is just Believers vs Atheists, mainly, either people say God exists or He doesn't. Well, what does that matter either? If God exists, as I do believe, then He exists whether you know about it or can prove it or now. The point is, We are here, regardless of how we got here. If a group of people took a boat to an island, then much later on that island the people that lived there found the boat, but never knew how they got to island, might lead to a similar discussion. but how does knowing that you boated to the island help you live on the island? In the smallest sense, i think it might provide peace of mind to those with whom the question is so important. To others, what?

If truth is a relative concept, defined by our genes, than truth is defined for every single person by themselves only. If truth is outside human definition, ie it is the truth regardless whether we know or accept it, then it has the same effect because we have to choose to accept it or not. The existence of an existential truth would be helpful in the fact that it would also be the truth to everything else, it would be

bother ive lost my train of though. ill come back later.

ok i remember, it would be a universal truth that applied to everything. Once you found it, you could apply it to everything else you do. Example, A = A. a simple truth. Truth in such a manner is only applied to things over which there is no other control. Example, A hot object is hot, but a hot object causes pain is a relative term and therefor, not always true. I, for instance, have a much higher threshold for pain than most other people. The same hot water that would cause someone else to yelp might raise no level of discomfort for me. So I think that all universal truths only pertain, and therefor define, things which We ourselves do not define. God made everything, so therefore his universal truths and laws apply to everything that He made. We make up things for ourselves, in his image, like opinions, good, bad, nasty, taste, etc. These things are only true for us, who made them up. God made us, and also bestowed upon us a level of making things as well. So our physical bodies are subject to the laws that run through everything else physical. I wonder if the extent of our creative abilities can extend into the physical world as well? Ie, if we can also control or redefine anything that God made?

wouldn't make much sense, that would make us God too. Well, no, not really. We wouldn't be making anything, just changing it. I think that is as far as we can go. We cannot create anything new, like God did, but we can change them. Same way we define things or tack on extra definitions to things, tasty, bad, good, etc. Hmmm, that changes them for us, but not in reality. A "good" rock is still a rock. Hmmm, then what about laws then? Wait, no! We watch heat make an object hotter. But that source of heat is what we can change. Not the law, the truth, but the detail inherent in it. The variable. Or can we? We can burn wood or rub our hands together. Both produce some heat. If we are all energy, all made of the same stuff, then we haven't really changed the source of the heat. The only difference that what we called a difference! We recognize wood and hands as two separate things, that is the extra titles we gave the same thing, the same energy. Hm so it would seem that again, the only thing we change is our perception of the Truth(s) in our world, not the truths themselves. Of course, assuming we all really are made of the same stuff. So are the differences we see between wood and hands only there because we seem them? Nah. I don't think we made the world, as that would imply. So there are different forms of the same energy. Ok. that means.....what?

It means that the truth, the law of heat making an object hotter, is always true, and it means that since different variables are included in that equation, different results are possible. Fire or warm palms. Ok. I guess that means that we have no discernible control over defining any laws that are already defined by God. We can't make an object hotter by taking away heat. But we should be able to change water into wine. Both made of the same stuff, energy. Just have to rearrange it. hmmmm. that means that there is probably a law for that somewhere, laying around. Wonder where it is.

wow, im bored.


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