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Monday, September 13, 2004

sasafrass pass

Duck under, sneak back and slam that puppy.

Or something :)

moved almost all my stuff into my own storage unit, which ash's dad paid for. Yay! I am thinking that the best thing might be to chill around at a friends house for a week, until wally shows up, so that we can get a place together when he gets here. Maybe, who knows. As long as there is a pool that i can learn scuba stuff in , or the ocean. Which ever works.

Must call uncle and see if there is any 2nd or 3rd shift construction jobs he can get me into. This waking up at 6am thing aint gonna work. Im a nite owl, thru n thru. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Got my handbook for boys out of storage today, my dads old scouting book from his youth. Very helpful. Want my harry potter books back from my mom so I can read them. Hope their health is getting better. My parents, that is. Not the books.

the baalbek stones are absolutely tremendous. a 1200 ton stone still sits in the quarry there. Levers pulleys and inclined planes baby. Thats where its at. Im surprised no archeologists ever did any math. Silly nutters. Everyone always talking about "we don't know how they did it". Well stop whining and look at the people who figured it out. That guy figured it out. The foreign mister who made the coral castle figured it out. It just simple math, honestly.

I used to wonder if there were any unexplored places left on earth. There are a few, possibly, in the congo and some of the amazon, possibly part of borneo. All i've found out are few scientific expeditions, basically, people who dont spend more than 2 weeks in there. Thats it! So i know that at least, there are lots of places i haven't seen in this world. Not too sure about places that other people haven't seen in a while. I also know there are lots of things i haven't learned yet! oh well. Im stuch here in this ...this...if you want to call it a town. too big to be a town. Not compact enough to be a city. just a buch of individuals that live near the same watering hole. A few of us have made friends with eachother. I wonder what it is like to know everyone in your town. Like when i was in kindergarten and second grade, i knew everyone in my school. small private school, but still, i recognized every face, and i was a freakin kid. I even knew most if not all of their names, I cant really remember now. Definitely knew eveyone in my grade, and the next. LOL, as always, people have always thought i am much older than i am. Always look a good few years ahead of myself. woohoo!

la tee da


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