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Monday, September 13, 2004

music is pretty and i like it

i had an idea i wanted to write down real quick, so if necessary i could examine it and grow on it later.

so if time is related to energy, ie the more energy you put into something the less time it takes for an amount of work to be done, then time is not a constant. So it would seem to me that dating an object, telling how old it was, is assuming that there any constants related to it, ie half-lifes and such. Say i drill a hole into a rock with a power drill. takes a few minutes. Say Wrinkles McAncient drills a hole the same depth into the same rock with a stick and some sand. Takes say, a few weeks of constant work. Then a person comes by our rock and says he can tell the age of our rock by measuring the holes. Since Newbie here is only aware of the stick and sand method, he assumes that all holes have only been made by sticks and sand, that sticks and sand never change, and that therefor the amount of time it takes to drill a hole with sticks and sand is always the same, no matter what, no matter when. He then gages the age of our holes to be several weeks old. An error, because my power drilled hole only took a few minutes.

In general, I do not think that there are any constants outside of math. A number is a constant. 2 is always 2, no matter what. But because the world is constanty changing, then there can be no constants in relation to change. Change is always change, Change is always a Variable. Change is not a constant. The force of gravity is always a force, but it is not always 9.8 m/s. It changes if you goto other places say Mars or Jupiter. A more simple example is that a thrown ball does not always have the same velocity. Depends on who throws it. Depends on what the variables were that defined the velocity.

So i do not think there is any completely true measure of change, because that in itself would counter the definition of change. It would be a rule to it, a measure, a constant. For this to be accurate, it would have to exist outside of the world of change it is trying to measure, and therefor, not applicable, I think.

meh, ive gone over this idea before, i realize, but just not to do with the idea of dating objects, measuring their age.

back to what i was reading....


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