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Sunday, September 12, 2004

edge of my vision, tickles my ears

well, i was in the mood to write lots earlier, but it passed. So ill sum up.

Ive read a lot in the past week or so about survival in the wilderness, camping, weapons, trapping, hunting, snaring, thermite and many different ways of making or procuring its cheap ingredients, and how sodium has fun in the pool.

Ive also read lots n lots about out of place artifacts, massively built stone structures in the world, how to move giant blocks, about all sorts of archeological finds n mysteries of sorts. I should turn my studies towards more current day stuff. I start working as a laborer with a roofing co. tommorow.

i hope.

skin has improved a whole lot. Like, almost all healed up now, just some discoloration due to lots of new skin growing in.

played some guitar lately.

having uber amounts of fun regardless of how it may look me sitting around hours on end, reading n reading n reading.

i hate fleas n gnats.

laa tee daa.

have unistalled STEAM on my computer, do to the unending frustration of the counter-strike being totally shitty and worthless. Fucking bullets should go where the crosshair is pointing. Thats what its for. The closer an object is, the easier it is to hit it, not the other way around. Bullets fired by a person being shot shouldn't dissapear, even if that person is killed. Bullets shouldnt dissapear at all, for that matter, nor should they magically dance around the target in some random fashion.

Am interested in training for iron palms. Looks useful.

am somewhat distracted by shawshank redemption on tv, going to go watch it. Good movie.


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