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Friday, August 13, 2004

such a rich deep red

i woke up with another nosebleed this morning. Quite a big one, actually, all over my shirt and pillow. I also scratched like crazy last nite, it was so itchy it was horrible! Ugh. Anywho, i realized today that the color of blood is actually really pretty, at least, when it first comes out. I don't like the dull red color of dry blood. Im...dammit there goes my nose again. brb...

wow im glad there's tile over here, i dripped twice! As i was saying, i really noticed it a few days ago when i cut my leg (or hit a scab i think) and big red trickle forged a path down my leg. It was a really pretty color red, but not worth the trouble it is to see it. Bleeding, that is. I don't mind bleeding, I mean i do it all the time and don't seem to notice, but its not cool when other people bleed.

hopefully, we get a hurricane today and i get to see a nice storm! Ill be driving around most of the day, but itll be ok :) I haven't seen a hurricane a few years, so im stoked! even if it is a little one. I am headed to vero to check out a machinist job, the only one on the list that said they should have a position available. woohoo! a job. yay!

the minimum pay is 7.30, so in the very least this will be a nice paying job.

Well, its started with a crazy night of halfsleep, half scratching, and a nosebleed. Lets see how the day unfolds!


At August 16, 2004 at 11:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nick here...

you know what they say about people who get frequent nose-bleeds?

either they're picking their nose too much, or they're having minor brain hemorrhages because of too much brain activity in their sleep... (it's actually something common among real freaking geniuses...)


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