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Monday, August 02, 2004

i can't sleep!

i was perusing some random crap when i came across

yeah, i thought the same thing but was like "whatever, to each their own" and read some stuff liked a bit of it. Then i found myself perusing some stupid site downing MTV because they are with planned parenthood. then my screen was awash with all these christian anti-abortion pro-life campaigns.

Its totally ridiculous.

i wonder if amid all their talk for living faith-filled lives they realize they are contradicting that by vehemently trying to close abortion clinics, withdrawing and scorning support of such places as well. Me? Pro-life or Pro-choice? I choose life buddy. Im both. You start with a choice, then you choose life, preferrably. That's where you have to take your 'ministry'. to the people that chose 'death'. What's that? It's not alive, so its not killing. You have no idea (nor do i), so that's not a valid statement. Illogical, as spock would say, to make an assumption without any data at all. So that means since the end result that you get is a live baby, then you gotta assume its alive when you know its there. But what do you do when someone else chooses death, and you are trying to get them to choose life?

Not much, really. You can't choose for them, you can only bear witness. Witness. There's a repeated word of the bible. Be a good witness. State your bit, what you know, what you've seen. Then let them make their decision. It is the total act of faith that God will do His Business after you've said your piece. So they chose death? Fuck, now you have a dead baby, and a lady who has killed a part of herself (or so I choose to think.)

So by getting rid of abortion clinics, abortion laws, and everything you can to get rid of that avenue as a choice, I wonder what that does. Some will still find a way. The choice is what matters, you may have changed a few results due to the lack of tools, or so you think. A bad mother can kill a kid with improper parenting just as much as an abortion can. I digress from here.

Since a kid is not self-sustaining, ie needing parents (thats why we have them) then it would seem to suggest that a child, by itself, is not completely alive without its parents, there is kind of a mutual living going on. Hmmm, it would make more sense to say that no one person is complete (completely alive even) by themselves. People are interconnected, so everyone is mutually alive. This would be balanced by no one person is really dead either. Of course, this entire idea is unfortunately based on ideas that are not fully understood and are not entirely accurate, I would imagine. Personally I think death is merely a step along the way, a transition if you will, into where we go next. Expounding on the previous statement seems innapropriate without more thought, however. And i think maybe i can fall asleep now.

i like other people, they are neat. I love some of them more intimately than others, but i do love people in general. It's fun!


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