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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

get outta town, ya devil oi!

No way!i just found some long gone friends of mine from highschool, Jerry Johnston and Chris Tubbs! Its fucking awesome! Man, Chris is like my guitar hero, i remember him being so awesome in highschool, man, hes like my inspiration. And Jerry, dude, so funny! So awesome! Man, talk about olden times deluxe!

And me without an electric guitar...well, im savin my money for my new one....soonly soonlike said the clock!

Speaking of finding people from way back, apparently Liza Heron was on there too! I seriously doubt she remembers me, or if she does, it will most likely be Middle School Me. She was one of those awesome girls that you remember admiring but feeling totally unworthy of. That, and we didn't really run in the same social circles (so to speak). But damn, she had the coolest, longest red hair ive seen to date yet. And we all know how i feel about redheads. Anywho, nostalgia is nice.

dum dee dum, back to making ridiculoso video game stuff. Time for some food.

And ive lost my Munchen sweater, wonder where it went? oh well....


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