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Sunday, August 22, 2004

boxing lessons with a blind gorilla

So, im lookin in the thrifty nickel yesterday and i see an ad for 10 acres of wyoming fo $18k. i can't even find a house over here for that cheap. I am quite interested, as one of the things i definitely want in my place of living, is lots of land. Big open areas to play in. So i look online, and most of montana and the surrounding area is for sale, and for uber cheap. So i have decided to buy one of these parcels, after lots of research of course, so that when i can move out of here, ill have a nice big plot of land that I own. Then i can start building some kick ass house on it. Right now im leaning towards a tower of sorts, im gonna look up how high up that insects don't bother to go and bite you, because i want to sleep up high under the stars! Also, it just seemed like a cool and simple to build idea, a couple stories high with different room each level. Whatever i end up building, i want it to be out of stone. Like, Big rock construction. I have no idea how much they cost though, can't find anything online. I intend on doing most of the labor myself, and being self sufficient if i can, have a garden (eventually) and one of the first things im gonna build is add some wind generators. Ya know, those big modern day windmill lookin things. And maybe a few solarpanels. Boo yeah. Im thinkin i might just get a well dug, as depending on how far out i am it will be UBER spensive to get a water main put out to me. That would mean a septic tank too....but whatever. I also want to have my house have lots of sercret passages and rooms, underground tunnels n stuff. But that might have to be later on or something, and depending on where i actually buy. Id like to get a mountain or big hill or something. Weeeeeeee!

Anywho, i saw the excorcist beginning movie the other night. They did a pretty damn good job of keeping the feel of the original, at least in shock value. One of the creepy things about the first one was the low amount of characters, this one is kind of broad. But still has its fucked up parts, though nothing compared to "let jesus fuck you". That was by far the lowest point in movie history, i think. Still shocking though, in unexpectedness. But the movie did bring up an interesting question:

There was a nazi, a group of people and a priest. The nazi told the priest to pick out ten people out of the crowd, for the nazi to kill, or that he was going to kill them all. Thats a pretty fucked up situation. It would seem that theres no way out, ur dammed if you do or dammed if you don't. Except, what i saw was to do you best to disarm and stop that nazi. If successful, then you saved everyone, possibly at the cost of your own life (???) but at least you saved those people. Any other decision wouldn't end very well.

Well thats all for now. TTFN


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