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Thursday, July 15, 2004

spidey 3 ideas

yeah, i was just at and was reading the losers' opinions of
what they thought the next villains should be. I wanted to hit like 100
people! For clarity:

Harry Osbourne is the 2nd Green Goblin

-Dr. Barton Hamilton was #3 (harry's psychiatrist)

-Phil Urich (Daily Bugle intern, Ben's Nephew) was #4

-#5 was a "construct" a fake person who decomposed after a while

-Norman Osbourne didn't die (in the comics) and came back later to make
that construct etc...still crazy beyond all reason of course.

The Hobgoblins (for all you ninny's out there who get them mixed up and
still feel the need to think you are right) The best difference between
the Hobgoblins and the Green Goblins is basically the lack of Insanity
(kingsley made a non-insane/non-explosive version). Which makes him a
worse villain in some ways, and less in others.

-Roderick Kingsley was the 1st Hobgoblin (a rich industrialist led to a goblin lair via small crook)

-Arnold "Lefty" Donovan was #2 (the small crook that led Kingsley to
the lair) and was a test-subject til kingsley made his better formula,
them killed donovan to keep him silent.

-Eugeune "Flash" Thompson was brainwashed by Kingsley into becoming #3 for a short while

-Ned Leeds was also brainwashed into becoming the Hobgoblin until he
died in germany (name was cleared after kingsley came back as hobgoblin
and got unmasked)

-Jason Philip Macendale Jr. was the 5th Hobgoblin and also the
Demogoblin (after he got possed by a demon, which really just made his
pumpkin bombs bigger and face grotesque)

There, got that all straight?

John Jameson had a small stint under the control of his Man-Wolf
persona which people want to see for some reason. Weak villain in my
opinion, for a movie at least, unless they pull out the Man-Spider
story as well and get that shit going on. But all that seems a little
too....risky as a movie plot. I mean, seriously, he found a ruby-like
thing on the moon and wore it as a necklace and it made him a wacky
werewolf. WEAK.

Along with the more than likely showing of Harry as GG2 and possibly
Dr. Connors as the Lizard, I think some other small-timers would be
cool, a pseudo-sinister six maybe, or just a bunch of the other
villains. But more than all of them I want to see the Sin-Eater type
story happen, a crazy serial killer whose brutality sets spiderman on
edge. Having spiderman come close to the line he never crossed (killing
a villain) would be a cool plot element.

The Tri-Sentinels vs. Cosmic Spidey would be fucking awesome to watch,
but actual story is pretty weak. :) It was cool, though not for
the movies as it involved way too many other characters not introduced
to hollywood yet.

Venom is my utmost choice, but I'm not sure if it will happen as
apparently New Line Cinema has the rights, but i don't think that
matters. But if they can't do it, then a story line that is just
crazed-out with a lot of villains would be cool.

Kraven maybe? That certainly was an interesting story, though the
actual character idea is pretty far out there. Then again, we in real
life have Croc Hunter. weeee! Spencer Smythe would be funny to see pop
up, being funded by JJJ to make some spider-slayers. I think Mysterio
could be good comic-relief type of guy, even though his character type
(movie special fx artist?) is bleh, his actual character was well
written. Never gave up, or died, and even made a galactus robot at one
point. Which then got covered in Venom's costume and turned into
gigantor venom-galactus, which was all an illusion of course, but damn
cool to see. The best part about Mysterio is that he always tried to
get Spidey to lose his mind, as opposed to actually taking him on

Ah well, nice to get that out....weeee! I'm bored.


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Ha ha....




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