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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

roof's are for rain? Walls are for unwanted guests?

Well, it seems that a new place to live is looming rather near. I've got stuff set with Lee, I hope. He isn't really the most clear person to talk to sometimes, so i am thinking that I will only be staying there for a little bit, maybe till i find my own place. It depends largely on where i end up working. Tommorow i goto BCC to sign up for the machinist apprenticeship, and i really feel that that is my way to go forth upon, for now. Its what sounds good to me, considering my #1 pick job isn't really available, or necessary from my understanding.

It is between the Karate job (???possible???) and the Machining job (???possible???).

If i used both to prepare for the same goal, then one would go the path of science/technology and the other would be more internal/opposite of the other one. Sort of. Wear I armor of Machine or of Skin? It's a weird choice, and i don't think that one of them is better than the other. And that means, in my insanity, that one of them is. I think, if this goes along the lines of oppositeness that things tend to run off of. like some wack pattern. Anywho, In comparison again, one pays higher than the other, both will be hard, and both will specialize in themselves very highly. Both are risky, and all in all, the end result is a Dream. My Dream.

If i had to rate them by coolness....then I think Karate wins. I gotta talk to Mr. Smith tommorow.

As for where to live for 2 years, whatever. As long as its cheap and bug-free. Id love to live with friends though, as it will be REALLY nice to get social interaction being on house arrest and all.

Ill look up some houses and stuff tommorow. Its time for bed.....


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