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Saturday, July 17, 2004

minty sticky

in short, i love the vagina! yum yum. lots of fun to play with!

On the bad news side of things: I found a giant fucking brown recluse in my BEDROOM. yes, i found a violin spider in my room. About 4" wide with legs, maybe more. Violin spiders are poisonous. That is shitty! Yes, you skeptics, i know for absolute certain that it is a violin spider, because i knocked it down and out with bug spray and put it in a cup (well corinne did the cup part). And looked at it closely and compared it to pictures online. Unmistakeably a brown recluse.

Yeah, im cleaning up all my shit tommorow and packing up everything into boxes. I do not like bugs in my apartment, let alone big poisonous spiders. IN MY ROOM. dammit!

Oh yeah, and my bed was chockful of very tiny little bugs too, which may explain lots of little red bumps all over me too. Fuck that shit! I must live clean from now on.


I love the vagina. And today i got: 3 radiohead cds (had to replace them) buckethead: island of lost minds and confessions of a teenage drama queen, which was cool. weeeee! Buckethead's cd rocked my socks off. Boo yeah!


At July 19, 2004 at 1:08 PM, Blogger Chris said...

Ha ha....




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