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Thursday, July 22, 2004


are the bugs that i see....really there? No, just kiddin, i know they are there. But what to do with them?

Do i kill the ones i see, so i know they won't be in my bed? Or do i let them live and hope that they don't go there while im sleeping? Does the scientist try to make conclusions with his hands, and the faith-person with his mind?

The current state of affairs are defined by me having bug-bites, itchy skin and discomfort while sleeping. There has been solid evidence found of bugs being in my bed. So, which is the proper action to suggest: To kill and prevent bugs from being in my bed, or have faith that God will do it? The total faith approach defies all logic and is therefore self-defining (since there is no logic involved, the only way to get the intended result with faith is to have faith.) The explanation for lack of sufficiently qualified result is that it wasn't supposed to happen (ie God didn't want it to happen, not part of the Plan, basically, you didn't have enough faith.) This would equate with logic in that if you killed the bugs you saw, checked you bed and went to sleep, and still didn't get the intended results, then you didn't do enough to prevent it. The only difference being it is much easier to figure out what else you can do (put out traps, use poison stuff, move) than it is to figure out how to have more faith.

anywho, that is more like a recap, i know ive done that one before. But what about the insanity of killing? Killing makes no sense to me. Death does to a degree, but killing doesn't. People die without being killed, and people attempt to kill other people, and they still live. So what is the connection? I don't know. I don't even know whether people are better than animals sometimes. Sure, the only real differences are that we have tools and music/art. Apparently our social structures are similar though. Meh. Animals kill eachother, mostly for food but sometimes for "dominance" or "power". Those are ideas, not physical objects like rocks or goldfish. Apparently dominance is important, but i don't think anyone has ever questioned that. I don't think its important. I wonder if anyone really wants "power" or if they just want to stop being pushed around. Apparently no one pushes you around when you are "dominant." So why push someone around? I don't know, people are weird. Sometimes people are annoying in someway, but that is just another way of pushing you around (if it is being done on purpose. If you find someting annoying about someone else, and they aren't doing it maliciously, then its your problem to get over). And usually once someone starts pushing, people want to push back. It seems natural, because if you don't do anything then they might keep pushing you and you don't like it, so you push back because that seems like the most assured way of communicating your idea to them, because since they push they must understand pushing, and therefor they should understand your push. Only i think it rarely works that way, because they in turn don't want to be pushed either, so they push back. So its a stupid idea to begin with.

Then sometimes people kill other people, so they won't push them anymore. Apparently its a surefire way of getting that person to stop pushing you, but apparently it scares the shit out of other people so badly that they want to push you, as if that would stop you from killing them. I think when you kill someone, its like pushing other people. They don't like getting pushed, so we are back to where we started. Killing is like the Ultimate Push. of doom. It's another stupid idea.

wait ive talked about all this bullshit before too. Never figured out how not to get pushed. does it have to do with love? i love corinne. I love lots of people, some more than others. Like corinne! I know more about love than i do about killing people though. At least i havea real good idea of how love works.

robots or karate, i ask you, robots or karate? where's my goddess? when are my dreams? For fucks sake, i don't want anymore bugs in my bed! Its fucking annoying! and it itches like a bitch!

i think ill risk sleep now.


At July 23, 2004 at 5:27 PM, Blogger Chris said...

Yeah, I think I did. And now that I think about it, didn't we do some sort of trade or something?

At July 23, 2004 at 5:30 PM, Blogger Chris said...

Oh yeah...

If you don't want to get pushed, you have to go somewhere where no one else is around. Or you have to stop giving a shit about what other people try to do to you.

Doesn't always work though.


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