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Sunday, July 18, 2004

inflimsic value

so , what is that anyways? a play on words of course.

I just spent some time reading my old journal. it was fun. I was reading the posts from about a year ago. Man, a lot sure has happened.


a lot.

I am about to go crazy. (craziness ensues). ok, im done.

its 2 am, corinne left a bit ago. Yeah, its been a year since we met. In fact, we hung out on July 19th of last year. It was in my journal.

And i have come to this conclusion: I must go. I must! I really do. But, i remember how crazy fun sometimes shitty life was when i was riding my bike everywhere, and working at wendy's and stuff. and stuff.

man, dude. Shit is freakin crazy. I am almost not sure what to do. this machinist program is sounding really sweet and all. But so does finding another place to live.

another town even. but it would be weird. Id be all on house arrest and i wouldnt be able to go hang out. and the only other friend here i REALLY want to hang out with on a daily basis is Nick. or the forbidden one, as he calls me. It would be totally fcucking sweet to live with him! we would find ways to destroy the world.

I need to find a way to overcome this obstruction. Man its only been like a week or 3 and i totally miss hanging out with him a lot. damn i can just imagine how im gonna feel when corinne leaves.

and just between you (all) and me, aubrey has been on my mind a whole freakin lot lately. or at least, the things about that relationship. Not a lot as in my mind isnt on corinne, just a lot as in she pops into my head when im by myself at home sometimes. and by a lot i mean its happened a little bit. weird. i read this dream i had (in my old journal). and i remembered it all! that was cool. it was a crazy dream. i love those.

i would like a job at the movie theater too. those guys roxorz.

man, time for bed. oh yeah, and i rescued all my poems from offline, except for one i KNOW i wrote that was totally sweet and now i can't find it...its about becoming a man, it was shaped like a triangle(sort of), anyone know where it is? thx... peacezorz


At July 19, 2004 at 1:09 PM, Blogger Chris said...

Ha ha....




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