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Monday, July 12, 2004

a hero in my head

Well, ill talk more about the title of this post in a second. Thought i would update stuff here first.

I have been doing a bit more research on stuff and things. Apparently BCC has no actual machinist program, just welding, but they have an apprentice thing for machinists that i am going to try out for, after i call them. Also I might not really be in the area at all, for long. I went to the ugly place and looked at some places to buy. Yeah yeah yeah, bad credit whoopdeedoo. Theres a place in pensecola for 20k that needs some fixing. 3 beds, 1 bath, no garage. Yet! Sounds like something i could have fun doing, but then there would be no Lee's house, easy job at the theater, and i would have to look into what community colleges there have in the way of machinist education. There weren't any listings around here, which was alright. But what i would REALLY like is a shitty old place with a big yard. A really big yard. Preferrably far away from other houses, so I can do stuff and not bother people, make it all nice. Wonder if ill find anything like that for anything i can afford? we shall see. For now I'm going to Lee's house and staying at the theater, but looking around for somewhere to go. I also would really like to stay here in melbourne, mostly because my PO is extremely awesome, and that is something that I would like to keep, at the cost of cheap living. But I have to keep in mind the long-term effects of what both options are: easier house arrest but not as much money saved, or more money saved and a different PO. Hmmmm. But 20k for a house of my own that i can rent out later is certainly pretty cheap! I've got it in mind to call up a lot of realty places and see what is the cheapest of the cheap i can get. Weeeeee!

Man I am gassy. i love taco stuff. I like to fart too, but apparently other people don't like it. :)

As for that hero in my head, the one who is going to be the subject of either a comic book or a screenplay, he is pretty cool. He's me, of course, or A me, a Me that exists in another world. But still me of course. Weird that a hero would be called and molded after what is basically a japanese assassin. The Ninja. Boo yeah. That would look good on the marquee of a movie theater. And i have ideas for sequels already too. Totally going to write them down soon. I'm trying to spend all my time with Corinne before I can't anymore. Its a lot of fun!

Talked to my mom about that seeing stuff thing. Apparently she has a "version" of it, the kind you hear stories about but never actually know anyone of. Ill explain me first: I have dreams and then see things from them later, but they aren't like prophecies, they are just objects or places or moments(sort of) that i find (where i get a sudden deja vu feeling) that me and my mom came to the conclusion that they are like road signs, like God saying "Good job! You are where you are supposed to be.") But not like the kind i am recognizing at this moment, which seems to me that i've done this type of post before, but anywho. Mom gave me examples of the stuff that she does, and its much different. I won't go into it here, because she asked me to keep it private, but lets just say she has got some gifts, that is for certain, and it explains a lot and answers questions i had about childhood. Yay for mom! I get the idea that my stuff is on the lines of letting me know where i am, but that this other thingy, like the eye-static with images, might be a way of telling me where to go, or where to look. Like deja-vu's might be for confirmation, and eye-static might be for direction.

Also, i am almost certain that all this itching and scratching is totally messing it up lately. I have been very "numbed" to the types of things i am usually physically sensitive to, including seeing stuff, feeling energies and oh MAN that fart stinks. OH EW! grody. Anyways, I have got to stop scratching, like, now! And blasting it with hot water in the shower has to stop too. ACK, the farts are starting to smell real bad, so im gonna go now. Sorry for cutting it short.

have to research how to write a screenplay properly. Wait, no, I have to just write my ideas down. That's all. have to get around and do it!


At July 14, 2004 at 9:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Theres a place in pensecola for 20k that needs some fixing. 3 beds, 1 bath, no garage.U may want to rethink that. With 3 bedrooms and only 1 bathroom, it's going to be hard to resell. For 20k, that must be one piece of crap and needs to seriously be fixed up. U can't even get a decent 1 bedroom condo for 20k.


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