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Sunday, July 04, 2004 auditorium at a high school i've

only visited in my dreams. Last night's dream, that is. It is incredibly uncanny how my "dreamworld" is always the Like an Alternate Here. There are similarities, but the places are also very different. There is the river and say, river road, and there is this town, but there other buildings there, other houses. It's an amazing place to goto. I'm glad i get to. Even if I really do just make it all up in my head. :)

my itching seems to be more related to something i've only just recently noticed, and its possible i might have noticed AND written about it before, and only forgotten i have. It seems I am somehow overly sensitive to my...pulse. My bloodflow. I noticed that the other day when i thought a bug was crawling on me, there wasn't one (as there often never is). I realized it was just my pulse under my skin (in this instance in my foot) and that it was totally weird that i felt it that strongly! And my subconscious reaction is to scratch off whatever seems to be burrowing in my skin.... Meh. It's weird. It also seems to be centered around areas where hair moves too, making it seem like an itch. I just have a ridiculously sensitive nervous system. Which is EXTREMELY odd, considering i don't feel pain. Or rather, control it to the degree where it doesn't affect me. And many times, just don't feel it. Weird eh?

Thought i'd share this before i slept....g'night folks!

Oh yeah, im moving into lee's house in baytree (near suntree) and im going to go into the machinist program at BCC. woohoo!


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