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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

a time is a space well mentioned

poof for the innards of a statement, that while intuitive to say the least, must remain among the tattered tufts that lie in the field where whispers sleep.

a smile plots its path along, from cheek to cheek, in a trek along my face. a sigh stretches forth, marking a point in space that started when a feeling was indeed, felt.

part sadness, part happiness, but all resolute. confidence is such a thing, a subject to a verb that is much like a jump from a tree where a good nap was taken. Make that many good naps. I love that tree, it was there when i needed it, was everything i needed until my time with that tree was fulfilled, and for that, i love it. What an amazing tree! It loved me too.

Now, to go where people fear to tread. I don't think that many angels fear to tread here, but i'm sure some people do. I've heard, sort of, and definitely of, people treading here. Where things are seen but not understood. I have seen people very much afraid of such things, things misunderstood. And I have received many people's points of view on what to do with a subject such a mystery. So now i goto someone i hope will have some sort of answer for me, an answer that sounds more like a definition, and if not, at least an answer that might be some directions to some such dictionary.

my inner Helper was right again, the hunch that my parents had some more to say, some more to tell me about something I know nothing about. Not that that helps much as to what it actually is that they are going to tell me, but its nice to know my instinct is still keen and on the money. Hahaha, that was never in question :) The only thing ever non-constant is whether i listen to it or not. nice little Voice inside! Always helpful.

oh yeah, hooray for commercial space! And hooray for kings and presidents! hooray for a goddess! hooray for dreams! hooray for friends! hooray for adventure!

sleep well young man, sleep as the clouds on a windy night. Sleep, with music your blanket, and imagination your pillow. sleep.


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