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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

slacketball: a game nobody really gets around to playing.

well, i finished "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" today! it was totally awesome. i figured i loved the first 3 movies, so i can't wait for the next movie so i got the book, which is something i've been meaning to do anyhow. (read the books that is) i think ill go back round and read the first 3 sometimes, after i read the fifth. weeeee!

as usual things have been pretty quiet. which is normal for this sleepy town. hehe! ah well, im out soon enough. I'll miss some of you lots, others less so. but oh well! i love you all of course. one of you more than others though. and ill miss my family. ill have to get over and see my new nephew sometime i trust my car or learn to ride my bike. which should be finished tommorow.

i wanted to fix my glasses so that i didn't need arms on them, but it turns out i don't have any parts small enough for such a job. oh well.....

Muse: Absolution is fucking fantabulous, i love it! what a great band, up there in my favorites now with Radiohead, Green Day and few others (like Flogging Molly, Melt Banana, Dream Theater and some more.)

ahhh, dear sweet awesome corinne is on her way over, so i guess ill go.

if anyone has ever heard of real life magic, be sure to let me know. im deeply curious and have only dreams and that little Voice in my head to go by. (that little voice, of course, being God. I admit i have been lax in talking to him lately, but then again, i've been lax in talking to everybody. not that that is an excuse, just an observation included so that a better view is taken for those of you who like to form opinions about other people.)

man, i would give everything i have, and move to anywhere in the world to goto such a school as hogwarts. I don't understand how i would have to give up the people i know and love, i mean, i will always love them regardless of what i'm doing, but if people say such a thing as to mean risking losing their love, then ok. Another person's love is their own personal gift and therefor of their control, and i have no place to command another's love of me. But yes, id risk being shunted by all to learn magic. I understand it all not to be really anything i am giving up anyway, my memories are mine to cherish, my things only things and not of much importance, my relationships not based on what i do. So in reality, i yearn so much for such an amazing change in my life as would going to a magic school would bring, but feel that somehow, i don't have anything to exchange for it. Except....that i also realize that where i am not saddened to leave my place of residence or things behind, i would be sacrificing the closeness of the relationships i have. It is one thing to love a person from far away, and another to have them close to cuddle or talk to (depending of course on whom we are talking about). But i would do it. In a heartbeat. My mind is made up and my heart is set. Which is why im doing the best thing i can think of to move ahead with such a dream in mind. Moving away :)

i may be dreaming, but hey, its a good dream! Alas, i've no idea where to begin looking, as online is only full of people trying to make money. well, im sure there might be a few clues online somewhere, but only where to find them :) Heh, soon enough i suppose. But that is kind of on the backburner, as i'm not sure as to how to go about searching wholeheartedly for a Magic School or Superhero Training or anything super different. the best that society appears to offer is Jobs or Shit. Jobs come with vacations and nice places to live and all sorts of nice things as well. but it seems to be generally accepted that there is nothing else to do then that which you already know about. Hehe....

The unknown being of course, what i'm looking for, in a sense. More like the Unexperienced, which is the same thing i guess :) You can't really know something without experiencing it, can you? like a person before and after skydiving. you can know about it, but not it as it is.

i noticed something else today too...that being that many of the "extreme" types of characters that i read about or see in movies or hear about etc, all i have not experienced in life. I have never had such a bully as Malfoy or such a brainy person and know-it-all person such as Hermione. No teachers that were completely shit to me. Heh, its jsut funny, i thought, that this place i grew up in is very much just in the middle of things, and the people are as well. Not too much of this, or too much of that, just kind of there. like that analogy of the still river i did in my other journal, jsut before i started this one. :) There are few exceptions, of course, people who almost seemed to fit some sort of extreme. or maybe stereotype? not sure what the correct word is. ill give an example:

Theres Josh, who is possibly one of the smartest people i know, except hes more like a smushing between a sporty energetic person and a smart kid. Not really over the top in any one feild, but just spread across them all. which is how i feel most people i know are, im trying to think of someone who is really gun-ho superawesome beyond all else in say even one particular field. Of course all of us are different in the things we like and are good at, but nothing i can think of at the moment strikes me as a....bother now i've forgotten the word for what it is i was thinking of.

which is why i think no adventures happen around here. Definitely time for a change in scenery and people. definitely.

The most special place i can think of is my karate dojo, and that is pretty relaxed too really.

meh, in short, nothing is even remotely similar in any fashion whatsoever, at all, to what i dream about. or read about. and that is crappy, and i want to change it.

so im doing something new and hope it does something in the aim i am going for. worse that can happen is that things stay the same. which, of course, is totally shitty when compared to what im aiming to do, but in itself of course is survivable. but i wouldn't call it living, really. ah well.

corinne has been here for like 10 minutes, and i should go hang out with her, while i can! hehe....


At June 11, 2004 at 1:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If u find a way to go to Hogwarts, ur taking me with u! Go read Book 5, it's pretty dark and angry not to mention huge!



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