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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

secrets of evermore....mmmm, tasty music

man i love the music for this game, such fantastic background music.

as for my bokken (bujutsu sword) either give it to megan to give to me next time she visits the area, or you could just mail it to me. prolly only a few $. sry for the mix up, hehe :)

i wonder if anyone else ever wonders about coincidences? Im sure they do, people have told me before that they have. A coincidence being where two seemingly unrelated things happen at the same time. I wonder a lot though, because I just think of ways that these types of things are related, but i try not to share them in case i sound err, crazy. or in some peoples minds, crazy and sacreligous. I think that i should be more err, confident, in sharing what my ideas are, for it doesn't really matter i think if i am wrong or what other people think, and the ideas would have more opportunity to progress if someone else thought the same thing. Though in balance, there would also be more opportunity for someone to choose that future talks with you could prove hazardous. which isn't fun.

so one of these ideas i have i shall tentatively share here. i think that peoples thoughts happen when they are, kind of "relased" (for lack of a better word i guess) into the, err, world. For example, ever lose something and go on a quest to find it, but kind of lose concentration on what it is exactly that you are looking for, or perhaps just repeat over and over "where is it" instead of "where is my wallet", where lack of detail provides the result just end up finding other stuff at first. I have a tendency to just let thoughts go on occasion, and by letting go i mean i think them, and then thats it, i go on to the next one. And then wacky things happen or just normal but weirdly timed things happen. like coincidences. like squeezing the last bit of toothpaste of the tube, ur thinkin "lets see how much i can get out of here" when at the same time the shower gurgles out some water. though it happens without you squeezing the toothpaste sometimes, it seems odd that it happened at the same time you were thinking of the same action, just with a different medium. then again, overanalysis tends to warp what actually happened. but its interesting, at least to me, to see subtle relationships like this. and to me, this formula for making stuff happen has become apparent in everything, i mean, absolutely everything. to a very weird degree. i might share more on that later...

i think its time for bed now.


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