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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Periods come at the end of Sentences, sometimes.

Heh, well, in short, sentencing went as planned, 2yrs house arrest followed by 4 years probation. My community control is liek being babysat, and by the year 2010 ill be a free man. And have paid the gov't about 7 grand at 100$ a month. (104, to be exact.) Now for the answer to everyone question:

I can't leave the state. Thats right, you see, while i was right in that community control is a form of probation (a stricter evolution as it may be) we are the only state to have it. That's right, i can move in two years after my CC is up, but til then, i have to stay in-state. Fuckety fuck fuck, captain, I'd say that we're stuck in port.

So now I can stay here with my nice as can be CC officer, or i can move. I'd REALLY like to move, to see new sites at least. Even if they are Floridian. Maybe later. If i move into my friend Lee's house, then life will be cheaper of course, but not nearly as good as i have it now. Mostly due to Corinne going to orlando, which of course is closer than California (where i was headed...) but its a big difference from everyday to once a month(maybe). I had planned for this, but i wasn't expecting it. Bother.

So, is anywhere in FL worth living? or should i just stay here. I mean, the are where chris is moving to is fucking nice (i've visited it several times) I wonder if he'd be peeved or pleased if i asked if i could go with him. Guess i'll ask when he gets home. I could stay in this same apartment, maybe find another room mate or ask john to cheapen it up. Looks like i can take school in the fall, so that will make for more of a "social" life. I have to pull some shenanigans to be able to still goto karate, the only other thing i would stay in this are for. Friends can visit me when i move :)

Humm dee dumm....

apparently it takes two hours to boil eggs, boil the water away, and have them explode on the stove because u forgot u were cooking them. They smell bad too. Dangit, and that was the last bit of eggs. Have to go shopping next week. or something.

time to go weigh pros and cons in my head. bye!


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