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Thursday, June 10, 2004

homemade is fun for the whole family!

me and corinne went to b&n last night (barnes and noble for you out of the loop on current acronyms) and we saw these coolest journals with pages made from recycled paper and other stuff. They were really awesome looking, quite the extreme vintage look. But we didn't like any of the covers that they had, so we decided to make our own! So today we are going to practice making paper pulp out of stuff lying around and see if we can't make paper at least similar in texture and beauty as that of which we saw at the store.

As for my cover, i have for some reason previously unbeknownst to me, collecting these jingle shells off the beach (small, very shiny black or white, sometimes opaque or translucent, but all of them smooth and shiny) and have decided to break them down so i can make a flat cover for my journal out of them. Im going to use all the black ones as a background color, and use some white ones to make a simple lightingbolt on the front! I like the sounds like fun! ill have to use polyurethane to enamel it with so it wont break easy (or hopefully, at all!) and i should have enough shells for the job, i guess if not, i can always get more off the beach!

hahahahhaha....pickles! (what a great show :)

then im gonna get a quill and ink bottle to write in it with. :) mwahahaha, i can't wait...


At June 14, 2004 at 10:13 PM, Blogger Chris said...

That sounds pretty neat actually. I should probalby pick up my journal sometime too and start writing in it again.

"I'll take the case!"


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